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A Holistic Supplier Management Software

JetSRM Supplier Portal is a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software that enables businesses to perform business processes with their suppliers faster, easier and integrated. It provides end-to-end execution of all supplier processes on a single platform, integrated with ERP systems.

JetSRM in 5 Steps

With the user experience-oriented design, all processes between the supplier and the company can be easily followed on a single platform. 

All supplier data and supplier processes are transferred to the ERP system smoothly and securely. 

Suppliers can follow up the purchases, tenders and auctions to be made by the company and manage the related processes through the portal. 

Processes between suppliers and companies via fax, telephone and e-mail are eliminated, and all processes are tracked through a single portal. 

The company can receive new supplier applications, collect the necessary documents and perform the evaluation process through the portal. 

360 Degree Supplier Analysis

Supplier Information Management

Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Activity History Tracking

Supplier Risk Monitoring

Supplier Compliance Control

Tedarikçi Portali

You can easily receive new supplier applications through the portal. Thus, all information about suppliers is stored in the central system. You can also automatically transfer this data to your ERP system or other applications.

You can manage all the quotation and approval processes between the suppliers and your business through the portal. After the approval hierarchies and the approval of the budget department, the purchase order is automatically created in your ERP system.

With the order management module, the entire cycle of an order process can be managed through the portal. You can access order information, revision requests, order notes, invoice and shipping information, order status and all other information with one click.

It is possible for businesses to manage their graphic processes with their suppliers in the packaging industry through the portal. From the design process to the printing process, all processes proceed faster and more efficiently through the portal compared to mail.

With JetSRM, you can easily evaluate the quality of procurement processes and the performance of your suppliers with information forms. In addition, the certificates and analysis documents of the suppliers are also stored in the system. You can speed up your contract processes with the portal.

You can create actions on the portal in order to forward your document requests to your suppliers as quickly as possible. Complaints and non-compliance notifications are also managed under the action management module.

Supplier Relationship Management is a strategic approach used to evaluate and increase the contributions of suppliers to the business and to ensure sustainability. It applies from the first to the last stage of a supply chain process.

Supplier Relationship Management is a process that defines how the business will develop relationships with its suppliers. This process is a reflection of customer relationship management. Businesses need to improve their relations with their suppliers as well as their relations with their customers. In this process, the business cooperates closely with a group of suppliers it deems important and maintains a more ordinary commercial relationship with others. A product and service agreement is made with each supplier in which the rules of the relationship are defined. Suppliers must be required to comply with this agreement. The supplier relationship management that manages this process is responsible for defining and executing this product and service agreement.

Supplier management is a very broad and comprehensive process. Supplier Management Systems is the name given to digital solutions that enable this process to be carried out with less effort. Supplier Management Software saves workload and time by eliminating telephone, mail and fax processes.

JetSRM is a Supplier Portal solution. As the business volumes and operations of businesses grow, it becomes annoying to carry out these processes manually. One of these processes is the supplier relations process.

Supplier Portal enables new supplier onboarding, sample process, bid process, order process and all other processes to be carried out on the platform.

An integrated supplier relationship management is very important for companies using SAP. With the JetSRM Supplier Management solution, we enable businesses to manage all their supplier processes through a single portal. In addition, our platform works fully integrated with SAP. Thus, all data is automatically transferred to your SAP system.

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